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Subject: 来自国外的 CnWizards 详细介绍 [Print This Page]

Author: zjy    Time: 2009-11-10 15:06     Subject: 来自国外的 CnWizards 详细介绍

最近看到一个国外的 Blog 上正在对 CnWizards 做连载介绍。内容非常详细,每周五发布一篇,现在已经有4篇了:

2009.12.30 作者更新了最后一篇,总共8篇,几乎涵盖了专家包所有的功能。


I'm sure I've left in the inkwell some feature that's included in cnPack but as you have seen, this expert is huge and I do not have time for more, because I want to cover new topics. The only drawback I've found this expert is that on machines with 1 GB of RAM or less is quite slow, especially with projects that have hundreds of forms (also depends on the version of Delphi). Anyway, I consider almost essential to increase productivity programming.
Author: kendling    Time: 2009-11-10 17:53

Author: zjy    Time: 2010-1-4 15:50     Subject: 作者总算赶在2010之前连载完了

Author: wyb_star    Time: 2010-1-12 14:35


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