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Subject: Multi-line of comp. palette in D7 [Print This Page]

Author: Mike    Time: 2009-7-21 18:44     Subject: Multi-line of comp. palette in D7


Could you please move the "Multi-line" item from the top of component palette popup-menu to the bottom of it (over "Properties", for example). 'Cause I often use "Tabs" sub-items which was at top without CnPack and it's tiresomely to select the 2nd item instead of the 1st I selected before for meny years Multi-line is a property for very seldom using (not like "Tabs"). Or just make a switch to change its position.

Best regards!
Author: zjy    Time: 2009-7-28 22:53     Subject: Yes

You'll get it in next build!
Author: Mike    Time: 2009-7-29 14:51

Danke shon!

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