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Subject: TApplicationEvents & TCNBitBtn incompatibilities [Print This Page]

Author: KADU    Time: 2009-4-30 00:51     Subject: TApplicationEvents & TCNBitBtn incompatibilities

I’m working with Delphi 7.
When use this event onShortCut of TApplicationEvents and TcnBitBtn fucused, it dont start event onShortCut.

ex. this event dont start when cnBitBtn fucused
procedure TfrmMainMenu.AppEventsShortCut(var Msg: TWMKey; var Handled: Boolean);
  if      (Msg.CharCode = VK_F9) and (ssCtrl in  KeyboardStateToShiftState) then
    Handled := True;
    if FormOpenIndex('TfrmHKProduto') >= 0 then

Why this?

obs.: I'm brazilian

Author: Passion    Time: 2009-4-30 20:11

Thanks for your report.

After checking, it's a bug in our KeyDown processing method. It does not call "inherited" for somekey, which causing holding the shortcut.

Now this problem is fixed in our CVS. You can get it by CVS client.

Author: KADU    Time: 2009-5-5 20:48

LiuXiao, i'm brazilian, I speak portuguese and my english is so so, but dont speak chinese.
I would you help me to connect in CVS?,
I do not know to connect in CVS,

You help me connect in CVS, step by step?

thank you,

I await a response.

Author: Passion    Time: 2009-5-5 23:04

Well, you also can get this latest CnButton.pas file on our CVSTrac's web CVS.

It's another way to access single file.      But if you want to get all latest cvs files, it's recommended use cvs client, such as WinCVS or TCVS. ... tons.pas&v=1.23

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