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Subject: [Suggestion] "Strings collector/mover" wizard [Print This Page]

Author: MaximKorobov    Time: 2008-11-13 22:43     Subject: [Suggestion] "Strings collector/mover" wizard

I want to suggest new wizard, which i temporary call "Strings collector/mover"

It should scan Current/All in project/All in Dir.. source files, show scan results table (columns: "Unit name", "String value", "Action (what to do))") and move strings to Separate file/Resource string section of each file/Const section. In case of Resource string section and Const section user can set rules for naming strings.

P.S.: almost same feature i found on Tsilang components (
Author: Passion    Time: 2008-12-4 22:31

It's a big workload for us. And will consider it later.

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