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Subject: Bug in IDE Config Backup/Restore tool [Print This Page]

Author: freeman    Time: 2022-4-1 15:53     Subject: Bug in IDE Config Backup/Restore tool


Via CnIdeBRTool.exe or in IDE from cnWizard menu. Has error IDE Configuration in Registry.
Another Question:
How to Backup old version IDE To New version IDE?

Image Attachment: cnWizard-IDEBackupRestore-Bug.png (2022-4-1 15:53, 38.55 K) / Download count 136

Author: freeman    Time: 2022-4-1 15:59

Sorry problem is permiton
if CnIdeBRTool.exe run asAdmin, Backup Succeed.
I'll try restore
Author: Passion    Time: 2022-4-1 20:09

Yes. Running regedit.exe to export the registry needs Admin.
Author: Passion    Time: 2022-4-1 20:18

Now different IDEs' backup and restore are not supported for incompatibility.
Author: freeman    Time: 2022-4-1 23:59

Thank you

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