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Subject: Bug [Input Helper] Auto Adjust Color Schema according to Theme [Print This Page]

Author: freeman    Time: 2020-11-26 15:28     Subject: Bug [Input Helper] Auto Adjust Color Schema according to Theme

How to remove this ? How to turn to default.

Delphi 10.3
ide theme: Twilight (modified)

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Author: freeman    Time: 2020-12-3 14:46

Thank you , fixed in Ver: Build 2020.12.03
It will be good if theme use can be optinal in cnwizard. And /or change color font etc. That be in external file like a
You can see, some text color not see easy on blackbackground.


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Author: Passion    Time: 2020-12-6 11:29

1016 comes out and the option in setting dialog added.
Author: freeman    Time: 2020-12-6 15:09

Thank you my friend.
Its in " [Input Helper]'s Settind -> List Settings [ Use Editor colors] " checkbox
Need resart IDE for apply. if change to "UNchecked"
I think, addin all color property option is hard. or need to get from registry

Author: Passion    Time: 2020-12-6 17:19

"Need restart" is a bug, I fix it in next version.
Author: freeman    Time: 2020-12-6 22:31

Thank you
Author: freeman    Time: 2021-1-8 15:59

Some bugs more
1. Popup start far from cursor position. Can check IDE's popup
2. If change "Use Editor Colors" background color still diffrent

Image Attachment: 2021-01-08.png (2021-1-8 15:59, 48.98 K) / Download count 389

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