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Subject: Input helper has a bug [Print This Page]

Author: freeman    Time: 2020-9-24 15:14     Subject: Input helper has a bug

I found a bug in input helper. I added a screenshot much more better then my english
In helper popup, Pressed Enter key on for select "caption" property
Delphi 10.3.2

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Image Attachment: cnwizardCodeComplied.gif (2020-9-24 15:14, 149.82 K) / Download count 374

Author: Passion    Time: 2020-9-25 10:24

Thanks for your report.

You can check this option in Input Helper settings Dialog.

Attachment is the snapshot, the Dropped Down ComboBox.

Image Attachment: ipu.jpg (2020-9-25 10:24, 150.67 K) / Download count 372

Author: freeman    Time: 2020-9-26 14:49

Thank you & sorry for false report.

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