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Subject: CnWizards Released! [Print This Page]

Author: Passion    Time: 2008-8-8 00:09     Subject: CnWizards Released!

CnWizards Released.


Change Log 0.8.8 to 0.8.3:

- DO NOT Support Delphi 8 Any More.
+ Add Highlight Support to BDS/RAD Studio.
+ Add Lines and Structure Background Highlight.
+ Add Lock Toolbar in IDE Main Form.
* Editor FullScreen Support BDS.
* Add External Command Option After Project Backup.
* Fix some Problems of F3 Search about Search Options and Conflict to Ctrl+E.
* IDEBRTool Add Support to DSK File. Fix a Problem of Package Registry when Restoring.
* Fix a Problem that Bookmark not Saved when Closing DPK.
* Fix a Filtering Problem when Projects with the Same Name Exist in Units/Forms List.
* Fix a Problem of Getting Project Cpp Source File in BCB.
* Add Some Pascal Script Demos.
* Other Bugs Fixed.

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