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Subject: 自己的任务单 [Print This Page]

Author: laney    Time: 2008-7-22 11:30     Subject: 自己的任务单


  CASE WHEN t.status='new' THEN '#ffaa99'
       WHEN t.status='active' THEN '#f2dcdc'
       WHEN t.status='review' THEN '#e8e8bd'
       WHEN t.status='tested' THEN '#bde5d6'
       ELSE '#cacae5' END as 'bgcolor', AS '#',
  e.value AS '类型',
  t.status AS '状态',
  sdate(t.origtime) AS '创建时间',
  t.owner AS '创建人',
  t.subsystem AS '子系统',
  sdate(t.changetime) AS '更新时间',
  t.assignedto AS '分配给',
  t.severity AS '严重',
  t.priority AS '优先',
  t.title AS '标题'
FROM enums e, ticket t
WHERE e.type='type'
  AND t.status NOT IN ('fixed','closed')
  AND t.assignedto=user()
ORDER BY t.priority, t.severity, t.origtime

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