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Subject: Suggestion ( What's new ) file [Print This Page]

Author: freeman    Time: 2016-6-6 18:22     Subject: Suggestion ( What's new ) file

Can add Whats new file? because there is no any info what change in new build. This file can add to install script and create in main Root folder of CnWizard.
For Example:
Date:  Build number
1- [xxx section] fixed- this problem fixed
2- [y section] added- little bit detail info so can easyly learn how to work that
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-6-6 18:44

In our nightly-build download page: there's a change detail for each build.

I think this is the what's new file you need?
Author: freeman    Time: 2016-6-6 21:09

Yes you right. But some time, there is small area for get more detail. I thinked much more detail in whats new file. I just suggestion
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-6-9 15:16

More detailed content, more hard to maintain.

In fact, there's no such detailed message for each build.

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