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Subject: [BUG]Show Flat Toolbar around Data Module (build.833) [Print This Page]

Author: freeman    Time: 2016-5-28 17:34     Subject: [BUG]Show Flat Toolbar around Data Module (build.833)

I tested build 833 in Delphi berlin. Yes floatbar(s) showing. But wrong position and don't get coordinate of datamodule. And if move position of datamodule, toolbars not move.
How to test: win10 x64 Delphi berlin
unchecked embedded designer. there is no project opened, just welcome page is viewing. Add new form from menu, toolbars showing, move form, change size of form. Toolbars is okey. Add datamodule from menu, toolbars showing, its okey, but position is Tform's position, move datamodule, or change size, toolbars not move place.
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-5-28 22:29

Thanks for report. I'll check it .

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