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Subject: About CnWizard settings [Print This Page]

Author: freeman    Time: 2016-5-21 20:59     Subject: About CnWizard settings

Why use registry for saving all settings? I think, ini file or xml file muchbetter. Why? because, no need to export import any setting. just copythis file, thats all. No need for permissions in registry. no needlooking for where is it. And so much easy clone settings.My problem, I have much settings on XE2 I wanna use thas in Seattle too.But I can not it do. Your registry key is NOT under ../bds/xxxx/... so delphi "migration.exe"(Delphi standart app)not backedup and/or export/import that. gexpert can be, 'cos its under"bds" keyJust use registry for, main folder path of CnWizard, so can find all ini or xml files there.
Like a unix system, everything is file
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-5-23 18:52

If you want to import/export CnWizards Setting, you can use the "Config Import/Export Tool" in Start Menu.

If you want to backup/restore Delphi Settings, you can use the "IDE Backup/Restore Tool" in Start Menu.

File mode is good but we don't have enough time to change it, and seems can't do that for back compatibility.
Author: freeman    Time: 2016-5-24 16:52

Yes I know, import/export and backup/restore tools, thats work if IDE version is same, I mean Export/Backup Seattle and can just Import/Restore to Seattle. I wanna use this XE2 to Seattle or Berlin.
for IDE, (from xe8) has migration.exe and this delphi standart tools. Its clearly export and import IDE "ALL" settings. Between delphi versions. I wrote that in my first message.
Yes, you rigth, its not easy. I just suggestion But maybe resgistry root keys can change, and move it under "BDS/xxx" so migration.exe can access it.
Thank you,
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-5-24 18:42

Oh, different version IDE settings' import/export not support. We'll consider it.

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