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Subject: Inheritance tree [Print This Page]

Author: mariusz    Time: 2016-4-1 23:41     Subject: Inheritance tree


I'm using your pack on delphi 7 and XE7. On delphi XE7 I can not find Inheritance tree, which I find very helpfull.
Could you tell me where I can find this option on XE7?

In case of doubts - what I'm talking about, see attachment.

best regards,

Image Attachment: 2016-04-01_174119.jpg (2016-4-1 23:41, 140.21 K) / Download count 520

Author: Passion    Time: 2016-4-5 18:26

Thanks for your attention. D2010 and above IDEs have a new style Component Palette, which is too different from D7's, currently our "Search Component" feature does not support it.

We'll do some research to make it compatible with the new style Component Palette.
Author: mariusz    Time: 2016-4-9 00:42


let me put it this way... I don't need your search component. In modern delphi there is quite good search module... What I'd appreciate ANY possibility to see Inheritance list for given component (class). I can even put class name manually to some window... Do you think that it's possible?

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Author: Passion    Time: 2016-4-10 14:30

OK I know. I'll make this feature available in our Script Wizard, and when a Component selected in Palette, just run a script(can be through a hotkey), and the Inheritance list will be shown in a message box, is it OK?
Author: mariusz    Time: 2016-5-14 06:32

Sorry for not answering for long time...

Yes, it's fine with me Thanks in advance... What do you think? How much time would take to you to implement that feature?
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-5-29 11:29

The latest nightly build 833 contains a Pascal Script Demo file PalCompInheritance.pas

You can add it to Script Library and assign a shortcut to it to run.
Author: mariusz    Time: 2016-5-29 20:38

Thank you, but I'm not sure if that works... I use RAD Studio XE7, I used CnPack menu > Script library to add mentioned file.
When I try to invoke script, I get the following messages

Image Attachment: 2016-05-29_143544.jpg (2016-5-29 20:38, 51.29 K) / Download count 478

Image Attachment: 2016-05-29_143556.jpg (2016-5-29 20:39, 36.32 K) / Download count 466

Author: Passion    Time: 2016-5-30 17:30

Could you right click the toolbar and select "Component Palette" to show the New Palette? The script only supports this new Palette.
Author: mariusz    Time: 2016-6-8 05:18

Yeah... I see... It works Thank you very much

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