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Subject: CnPack Working Report in the First Half of 2007 [Print This Page]

Author: Passion    Time: 2007-6-14 21:36     Subject: CnPack Working Report in the First Half of 2007

CnPack Working Report in the First Half of 2007

    Below are the achievements of CnPack in the First Half of 2007:

1. CnPack IDE Wizards (0.8.1) Gets Golden Award of 2006 China's Open Source Software Contest, Professional Team. CnPack Administrator Liu Xiao, on behalf of CnPack Team, attend the victory ceremony in Beijing in 27th, March.



2. CnPack IDE Wizards is preparing for 0.8.2. Now nightly and preview version of 0.8.2 has been published and is beta testing. The change list includes:

    I. Add support to Delphi 2007 and Windows Vista.
    II. Add Pascal Script Wizard. Users can write Pascal Script to control the IDE.
    III. Code Input Helper starts to support BDS.
    IV. A Customized CnWizards Build Tool "CnCustBuild" Added into CnWizards Source Code. Users can build a customized CnWizards only containing the functions they need.
    V. Other bugs fixed.

3. CnPack Foundation now can accept Donation at (Chinese). For English, please visit SourceForge: ... php?group_id=110999   

4. CnMisFrame partly done, but can not be published for its code problem. And Code formatter stopped.

    Below is the plan of CnPack for next half year of 2007:

1. Publish CnWizards 0.8.2 with support to Delphi 2007 and Windows Vista. Support to C++Builder 2007 is in plan.

2. Continue to fix the bugs and do the function improvements for CnWizards. Continue to publicize CnWizards to home and board. Now according to the upgrade statistics, there're about 4000 CnWizards users by the middle of 2007. We hope this number can increase considerably in the next half year.

3. Continue documentation.

4. Continue to build the CnPack Team.

To our members: Be more initiative and active for communication and taking part in our work.

    CnPack Website:
    CnPack BBS:
    CnPack Email:

    CnPack Mailing List:
    CnPack QQ Group:     CnPack I: 359682;  CnPack IV: 130970
    (Note: Mailing list and QQ group are only used by CnPack Members.)

    Let's do it well!

                               CnPack Administrator: Liu Xiao, Zhou JingYu

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