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Subject: Change shortcut on "EditorMenu->Others->Delete lines" ? [Print This Page]

Author: ukrainian    Time: 2015-8-12 14:26     Subject: Change shortcut on "EditorMenu->Others->Delete lines" ?

I migrate to Delphi XE8 and want to use shortcut Shift+Ctrl+D for Refactor->Declare Field, but this combination is used from CnWizard for CnPack Editor Menu->Others->Delete Lines. How can I change or disable this shortcut from CnWizard, because I did not find any option for this?
Author: Passion    Time: 2015-8-18 11:34

Thanks for your attention. We'll check it.
Author: Passion    Time: 2015-8-18 14:26

Sorry. We don't have the settings for this 3 items in Others Menu. Now we temporarily remove the "Delete Lines" shortcut in next nightly build version to avoid the conflicts.

756 version.
Author: Passion    Time: 2015-10-4 21:02

Now we add the setting entry in Flat Button Dropdown menu, 'Others' subitem. And shortcut restored in 781 version.
Author: rfrezino    Time: 2016-3-29 02:39

I didn't find the form where I can change this option.
Where is it ?
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-3-29 20:53

Select some code in IDE's editor, and our Flat Button will show.

Click it to show the drop down menu, point to "Others" item, the last one "Settings" is the entry.
Author: rfrezino    Time: 2016-3-30 00:26

Thanks Passion, I didn't find that, 'cause I was with this component disabled. But the shortcut was still working.

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