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Subject: CnWizards Released! [Print This Page]

Author: Passion    Time: 2006-10-1 10:53     Subject: CnWizards Released!

CnWizards Released in 2006-10-01

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0. Change List

+ Add FastCode IDE Optimizer.
+ Add IDE Config Backup and Restore Tool.
+ Add Support for Delphi 2005 2006 to Uses Cleaner.
+ Add Support for Delphi 2005 2006 to Float Toolbar Partly.
+ Add Support for Delphi 2005 2006 to Editor Toolbar.
+ Add Detection and Hint to Update Pack Versions.
+ Add Stand-alone ASCII Chart Tool.
+ Add 'Search Component' Function to Palette.
* Some Icons of CnWizards Changed.
* Add Support for C++Builder to CnDebug.
* Add Support for DataModule to Component Selector and Arrange Non-visual.
* Add Renaming to Action Name and DataField Value in Prefix Wizard.
* Add RTF Support to Source Format Convert Wizard.
* Fixed the Problem that CPP Source Editor NOT Visbile when Open a Form in Forms List in BCB.
* Fixed the Problem when Copy HTML in BDS.
* Fixed the Probblem that CnDebugViewer Popup Error when Exit.
* Fixed the Problem that Line Feed Lost when CnDebugViewer Loads a XML File.
* Fixed the Problem of Saving Password Error in Project Backup.
* Fixed the problem that Space of Row or Column Disabled in Arrange Nonvisual.
* Fixed the Problem in Zoom FullScreen that IDE Main Window may NOT Popup Correctly when its Size Changed.
* Change to Use Timer to Detect File Modification in Editor Enhancement to Decrease CPU Workload.
* Other Bugs Fixed.

1. What is CnWizards?
CnWizards is CnPack's main product. The full name in English is 'CnPack
IDE Wizards'. It's a free plug-in tool set used in Delphi 5 6 7 /
C++ Builder 5 6 / BDS 2005 2006 to improve development efficiency.

2. Who can use CnWizards?

CnWizards is designed to aide programmers who use Delphi 5 6 7 or
C++Builder 5 6. And now Delphi 8 and BDS 2005 2006 are supported, too.
The offical version of CnWizards includes three languages: Simplified
Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English.

3. What can CnWizards do?

CnWizards provides more than ten wizards with lots of enhancements
for the Delphi / C++ Builder IDE:

* Code Input Helper
* Enhanced Units/Forms List
* TabOrder Wizard
* Flat Toolbar in Form Designer with full customization
* MSDN Help Integrated
* Toolbar in Editor with full customization
* Project Extension Tools
* Multi-line Component Palette
* Roll Windows and Set to Topmost
* Source Code Statistics
* Uses Unit Cleaner
* Lots of Other Improvements

Screenshot (English):

In addition the following independent tools are also included in CnWizards:

* CnWizards Configuration Import&Export
* DFM File Convertor
* IDE Config Backup/Restore Tool, including IDE History Cleaner
* Debug Output Unit & Viewer
* ASCII Chart

CnWizards is a FREE, OPENSOURCE tool. Anyone can use it.

4. About CnPack Team

The CnPack Team is made up of Chinese Programmers and Delphi / C++
Builder fans across the Internet. Our products include CnPack IDE Wizards,
CnPack Component Package and CVSTracNT. etc.

CnPack Website:
CnPack BBS:
Nightly Build:
Author: bravecobra    Time: 2006-10-2 18:42

Looks great, keep up the good work!

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