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Subject: ImageList lost transparency in upgrade from Delphi 2007 to XE2 [Print This Page]

Author: CBelanger    Time: 2012-8-21 06:17     Subject: ImageList lost transparency in upgrade from Delphi 2007 to XE2


BTW, before I start, I really want to thank you for CnPack. I use it a lot and does make programming easier. I especially like the imagelist interface which allows one to search the internet for new icons and directly incorporate those into the imagelist.

Recently upgraded a project from D2007 to XE2. Upgraded CnPack at the same time. Noticed right off that many images used in toolbars and the main menu, were no longer transparent, but instead had black backgrounds, but only at run time. Design time display was correct.

After experimenting around, I found that other imagelists that did not have the "Use XP Style..." checked worked fine, i.e. they displayed properly at design and run time and with transparency.

I was able to Export the imagelist which changed the background from black to white which is better, but there does not seem to be any way of displaying the images with transparency any more. FYI, in the D2007 project, in order to have transparency for this specific imagelist, I needed to check the "Use XP style..." check box.

In the D2007 project before upgrade, the background was fuscia. In any case it is my understanding that transparency is created automatically based on the lower left corner pixel, which is black in XE2, but does not display correctly.

Is there a work around? Are you aware of what appears to be a bug?

Thank you,

Chuck Belanger

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