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Subject: Suggestions [Print This Page]

Author: hbpires    Time: 2012-7-19 22:37     Subject: Suggestions

Good night,
I am Henrique Pires, computer analyst and work with Delphi XE2 in Brazil. I would like to suggest, if is possible, three news features to CnWizards IDE Wizards for Delphi XE2 Update4.

1. In Fields Editor, create an option to search the fields by name. I suggest an example using the image attachments.
2. I work using a monitor widescreen 26’’, I lose a lot of area white. I suggest create a new Editor Window but that keep the same code in both Editors. They would be in sync, as a book. I did a simple image of example to my ideia.
3. Search for scope, that is, within a "begin / end". Vb exists in this feature.

thank you now.
Sorry for my english.

Image Attachment: [EditorExtend] Ide_editor_Extend.png (2012-7-19 22:37, 168.91 K) / Download count 23

Image Attachment: [FieldsEditor] FieldsEditor.png (2012-7-19 22:37, 24.56 K) / Download count 23

Author: forum1    Time: 2012-7-28 05:52     Subject: very bad idiea

not good. Check VS 2010 IDE to see thoused of good idea, not like EMBECADERCO poor IDE

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