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Subject: Sorting items in 'Form List of Project Group' [Print This Page]

Author: marcin    Time: 2006-9-8 16:05     Subject: Sorting items in 'Form List of Project Group'

What is the idea of sorting items in 'Form List of Project Group'
When I click the list header I'd like to have items ordered in alphabetical order. It would  be very handful esspecially when sorting by form name.
Author: Passion    Time: 2006-9-12 16:35

Now it's sorted by the pos index of matched part in form name.
Author: marcin    Time: 2006-9-12 16:47

Can you be more specific?

A sample from my current project:
When I open Form List window I get

option 'Match Form Name Start' is selected

what should I do (if possible at all) to get:

There are more than fifty forms, I only mensioned four as example
Author: Passion    Time: 2006-9-15 14:01

Could you got this list just by clicking the name column?
In "match form name start" mode, it's sorted by alphabet.
Author: marcin    Time: 2006-9-15 14:31

Unfortunately not :-(.  First six forms when clicked on column header are:

and some of last on the list are:

This is not alpabetical order for sure.
Author: Passion    Time: 2006-9-26 20:15

Sorry for late reply. The principle is:

The original sequence is forms/units in project file. When you click the column, it should be sorted by this column. And the sorting column will be saved when next time it opens.

But now we found a problem, that when you sorted by a column when "match form name start" mode, and if you enter something in search textbox, the matched forms/units returns to non-sorted again(Original sequence). We'll fix this problem and keep them sorted. It will be in our latest nightly build version.

But it seems no relation to your problem that clicking on column does not work. I always got correct sorted list after clicking the column...

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