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Subject: Lates RC3 error on Delphi Pulsar [Print This Page]

Author: forum1    Time: 2011-8-26 19:03     Subject: Lates RC3 error on Delphi Pulsar

Ok and error again show OS:XP SP3; Delphi XE 2

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Image Attachment: errrrrrr.gif (2011-8-26 19:03, 76.21 K) / Download count 55

Author: forum1    Time: 2011-8-26 19:06     Subject: error 1

error 1, lates cnpack RC3, os: XP, XE2 Pulsar

Image Attachment: errrrrrr2.gif (2011-8-26 19:06, 69.85 K) / Download count 52

Author: Passion    Time: 2011-8-26 19:57

Hi, what's the XE2 detailed version? If too old, maybe this occur.
CnWizards is compiled by higher version.
Author: forum1    Time: 2011-8-26 20:25     Subject: Reply #3 Passion's post

What "partner" version you have? ;)

Not have CNPack for this version? Plase fix for this version.
Greeting with this song or may you give new dxe2 link ;)
I uninstall DXE2, version D6 remains the best for now ;)
Sorry but XE2 trial date is finish ;(

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Author: bizend    Time: 2012-2-23 13:35

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