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Subject: compatibility with CVSNT ? [Print This Page]

Author: andynms    Time: 2006-1-24 04:15     Subject: compatibility with CVSNT ?

Hi there.  I just tried setting up CVSTrackNT on a Windows 2000 box, on which I am running CVSNT 2.5.01 build 1927.  Everything seemed to work fine, except for parsing the history file.

I get errors like this:
# Unable to locate the file D:\t\*0/1.2 in the CVS repository
# Unable to locate the file in the CVS repository
# Unable to locate the file in the CVS repository
...and so on.

I notice that your readme file indicates that you use CVSNT 2.0.58d.  Any clue if the history file format changed between CVSNT 2.0 and 2.5?  Or could I have done something wrong in the install / config process?

The actual history file looks something like this:
[...and so on...]
Author: zjy    Time: 2006-1-31 15:12

Yes, the format of "history" file has changed several times since CVSNT upgraded to 2.5.x from 2.0.

You can install the latest CVSNT, this is a compatible version for CVSTracNT.

But in this version, when you create a new repository, the "history" file will not be created default, so you must create a empty "history" file in CVSROOT directory manually. After do this, CVSNT will write commit information to "history" file and CVSTracNT will work well also.
Author: andynms    Time: 2006-1-31 23:24

Thanks.  I did just update CVSNT, and it seems that new entries to the history file are in a different format than they used to be.  I cut off the old history file and started a new one, and CvsTrac can read that.

Unfortunately, I don't see any obvious way to convert the old history file to the new format, so I'm not sure how I could get CvsTrac to see the whole repository and the past history.  If you have any hints on that, please let me know.  Otherwise, I imagine that the repository view in CvsTrac will eventually get filled out as stuff gets commited.
Author: bizend    Time: 2012-3-30 10:52

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