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Subject: CnWizards released!
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CnWizards released!


0. Change List

0.9.0 to 0.8.9:

+ Add Jump to Matched Keyword Function with the Default Shortcut "Ctrl+," in Code Editor Wizard.
+ MessageBox Wizards Supports MessageDlg Function.
+ Procedure List Supports C/C++ class, other Enhancements.
* Uses Cleaner Supports Delphi 2009.
* Fix a Shortcut Problem in Float Button.
* Avoid a Freeze Problem caused by Delphi 2009 VCL Bug.
* Allow Drag to Resize in Procedure List Toolbar.
* MSDN Wizard Supports MSDN Oct 2001.
* Add a Current Method Macro to Source Template Wizard.
* Fix a Color Updating Problem in Source Highlight. Adjust Dialog Layout.
* Other Bugs Fixed. Fix some Spelling Problems in English UI.

Download Page:

1. What is CnWizards?

CnWizards is CnPack's main products, with the English full name 'CnPack
IDE Wizards'. It's a free plug-in tools set used in Delphi/C++Builder
/BDS to improve our development efficiency.

2. Who can use CnWizards?

CnWizards is designed to face the programmers who use Delphi 5 6 7,
C++Builder 5 6 and BDS 2005 2006, RAD Studio 2007 2009.
The offical version of CnWizards includes three languages: Simplified
Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English.

3. What can CnWizards do?

CnWizards provides more than ten wizards with a lot of enhancements
in Delphi / C++ Builder /BDS IDE:

  * Code Input Helper
  * Code Structure Highlight and Lines
  * Enhanced Units/Forms List
  * TabOrder Wizard
  * Flat Toolbar in Form Designer with full customized
  * MSDN Help Integrated
  * Toolbar in Editor with full customized
  * Project Extension Tools
  * Multi-line Component Palette
  * Roll Windows and Set to Topmost
  * Source Codes Statistics
  * Uses Unit Cleaner
  * Lots of Other Improvements

Screenshot (English):

Furthermore, these independent tools are also included in CnWizards:

  * CnWizards Configuration Import&Export
  * DFM File Convertor
  * IDE Config Backup/Restore Tool, including IDE History Cleaner
  * Debug Output Unit & Viewer
  * ASCII Chart
  * IDE External Wizard Management Tool
  * Source-Module Relation Analyzer

CnWizards is a FREE, OPENSOURCE tool. Anyone can use CnWizards freely.

4. About CnPack Team

CnPack Team are Made up of Many Chinese Programmers and Delphi / C++
Builder Fans on Internet. Our products include CnPack IDE Wizards,
CnPack Component Package and CVSTracNT. etc.

CnPack Website:
CnPack BBS:
Nightly Build:
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Thanks for new "Line Settings" dialog of Source Highlight. Very useful.

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