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2010-4-11 01:36 zjy
(English) [CnPack] CnPack / CnWizards tips

This thread is for English users.

2010-4-11 01:42 zjy
CnPack IDE Wizards is a Free Plug-in Tools Set in Delphi / C++Builder.

2010-4-11 01:42 zjy
CnPack IDE Wizards can Auto Check the Latest Version of Wizards, Ensuring You to Keep to use the Newest Version.

2010-4-11 01:43 zjy
When IDE Starting, if Shift is Pressed, A "CnPack IDE Loader" Window will be Displayed. You can set some Wizards to not Created. It's a Debugging Way to Determine Which Wizard is on Error.

2010-4-12 10:10 zjy
There are some Dynamic Property Editors Installed by CnPack IDE Wizards. You can Disable/Enable them in Wizards' Setting Dialog.

2010-4-12 10:10 zjy
Double-Clicking the Tab in Code Editor Window can Close this Unit. In the Popup Menu, You can Close All units expect this Unit. And You can Open this Unit in Windows Explorer.

2010-4-12 10:10 zjy
When Using MessageBox Visual Designer, If there is NO Quotation Marks in both Sides of Text in Generated Code, Please Uncheck "Text as Variable" and "Title as Variable".

2010-4-12 10:10 zjy
If You want to Reinstall CnPack IDE Wizards or Migrate it to Another Computer, You can Use "Config Import/Export" Tool to Restore User Datas.

2010-4-12 10:10 zjy
CnPack IDE Wizards can be Reinstall. You can Install New Versions Directly without Removing the Old Version. All User Data and Configuration will be Kept.

2010-4-12 10:11 zjy
If Some Wizards are not Useful to You, You can Set it to not Created (not Disabled) by Clicking the "Advanced" Button in Configuration Window. Also, Menu Items can be Custom Sorted.

2010-4-12 10:11 zjy
If You Find an Error or Have an Advice about CnPack IDE Wizards, You can Send a Mail to Our Team through "Bug Report or Suggestion" in the Help Menu.

2010-4-12 10:11 zjy
Pressing Shift+F2 can Disable/Enable Code Input Helper, Right click can get popup menu.

2010-4-12 10:11 zjy
There's Smart Cut/Copy/Paste in Source Editor Enhancement Wizard. "Smart Cut/Copy" Means when Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C Pressed and NO Selection in Editor, the Token or Word under Current Cursor will be Cut/Copied. This Function is Enabled for Default. "Smart Paste" Means when Ctrl+V Pressed and NO Selection in Editor, the Token or Word under Current Cursor will be Replaced by Text in Clipboard. This Function is Disabled for Default.

2010-4-12 10:11 zjy
There's Toggle Var Field Tool in Code Editor Wizard. When you pressing its shortcut, which default is Ctrl+Shift+V, Cursor can jump from procedure to var field to let you add local var. Esc or pressing shortcut again to return.

2010-4-12 10:11 zjy
There's a CnDebug.pas file in CnWizards' Source directory. It's an interface unit for output debugging information. The debugging information can be recieved and viewed by CnDebugViewer.

2010-4-12 10:12 zjy
Pascal Script engine is integrated in CnWizards. You can write a pascal script in IDE Editor and run it by Script Wizard for customization.

2010-4-12 10:12 zjy
Want to get help to Pascal Script? You can check the content of PSDecl and PSDeclEx directories in CnWizards installation destination. There're also some demos in PSDemo directory.

2010-4-12 10:12 zjy
In order to use Code-Insight or Code Input Helper when writing Pascal Script in IDE, you need to add Source and PSDeclEx directories in CnWizards installation destination into Search Path.

2010-4-12 10:13 zjy
IDE Config Backup/Restore Tool in CnPack IDE Wizards can also clean IDE Open File history. You can use this tool to clean the open file history in IDE menu.

2010-4-12 10:13 zjy
If you want to get a customized verison of CnPack IDE Wizards, which only contains the functions that you want, you can download CnPack IDE Wizards' source code and run cnwizards\Tools\CnCustBuild\CnCustBuild.dpr to generate a customized version. Please see: [url][/url]

2010-4-12 10:13 zjy
Keyword Highlight and Lines Highlight are Implemented from CnWizards 0.8.8. And the default highlight mode has been changed to "immediately highlight the whole unit". You can change the settings in the Source Highlight Enhancements Setting Dialog.

2010-4-12 10:13 zjy
Current Identifier under Cursor Highlight are Implemented from CnWizards 0.8.9. But it's defaultly disabled. You can change the settings in the Source Highlight Enhancements Setting Dialog.

2010-4-12 10:13 zjy
When the Cusor is at "begin" in Editor, you can Press "Ctrl+," to Jump to the Matched "end" quickly. Other Block keywords also Supported.

2010-4-12 10:14 zjy
CnWizards will only send IDE Major version number and CnWizards' version number to CnPack server when checking upgrade. We won't gather and send any other information on user's computer. Please see help to get more information.

2010-4-12 10:14 zjy
CnPack becomes Embarcadero Technology Partner(ETP) in 2009. Let's do it better.

2010-4-25 20:07 zjy
You can use Tab/Shift+Tab to indent/unindent the selected code block. The default hotkeys provided by IDE are Ctrl+Shift+I/U.

2010-4-25 20:13 zjy
CnWizards provides CHM help files, you can click "Help" button or press "F1" to open it in most dialog.

2010-4-25 20:21 zjy
The Feed Reader Wizard displays CnPack tips and other information in the Status Bar of IDE Editor. Also, you can publish your message to CnPack forum by clicking the tips link.

2010-4-25 20:28 zjy
The RSS content from CnPack forum is not realtime, because we must check all post before publishing. If you have any problem, please contact CnPack master.

2010-4-25 20:32 zjy
When you select a code block, you can press Ctrl+Alt+D to clone a new copy in current position.

2010-4-25 20:39 zjy
When you select a code block, you can press Ctrl+/ to comment or uncomment it. If selection is empty, it changes current line only.

2010-4-25 20:43 zjy
In the Line Number Gutter provided by CnWizards, you can set bookmark by clicking line number. Popup menu is also supported.

2010-4-25 20:47 zjy
If you disable the Code Completion of IDE, Input Helper window will be popped when you enter a dot char in editor.

2010-4-25 20:59 zjy
In some Dual-Core machine, Input Helper may cause exception under Delphi 2007. You can try to turn on the "Set IDE to run in cpu 0 single core" option in "Environment Settings" page of CnWizards Settings Dialog.

2010-4-25 21:05 zjy
Popup menu is supported in Input Helper List Window, you can use it to add user-defined symbol, open settings dialog and etc.

2010-4-25 21:30 zjy
When you create user-defined symbol in Input Helper, you can use "%Year%%Month%%Day%" to get the date time with "20100413" format.

2010-4-25 21:31 zjy
If you want to lock toolbars layout in IDE main form, try to check "Lock ToolBar" menu item in its popup menu.

2010-4-25 21:43 zjy
When you use "Uses Cleaner" to clean a very huge project, you can first open units partly to clean, then open others and continue until all done.

2010-5-7 23:35 zjy
In Form Designer Float Panel, "Align" series buttons can align the controls in different parents.

2010-5-7 23:38 zjy
You can press Ctrl+\ to open output execute file of current project in Windows Explorer.

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