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Subject: RAD Studio 11.3 and last CnWizard very big issue
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RAD Studio 11.3 and last CnWizard very big issue

After I update my RAD Studio to last one 11.3 I have serious problem with CnWizards. This functionality did not work:
1. "Procedure List" did not work and after open all methods start drawing very slow and Delphi raise error "Out of system resources"!!! See screenshot procedure_list_error.png
2. "Unit list..." draw units very slow and when I start writing some text it freeze. See screenshot "unit_list_error.png"
3. "Form list" after open raise exception "Not enough memory resources are available to process this command". See screenshot form_list_error.png

I was with last stable CnWizard version when update RAD Studio. Then migrate to last unstable and the problem continued!

Image Attachment: [Procedure list error] procedure_list_error.png (2023-3-10 21:25, 47.05 K)

Image Attachment: [Unit list error] unit_list_error.png (2023-3-10 21:25, 25.26 K)

Image Attachment: [Form list error] form_list_error.png (2023-3-10 21:25, 25.8 K)

Passion (LiuXiao)
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Post at 2023-4-11 11:23  Profile | Blog | P.M. 
The List Width Problem for 11.3 is fixed in latest stable version Thanks for your report.

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