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Subject: Welcome to CnPack Forum! [Print This Page]

Author: zjy    Time: 2005-9-21 11:53     Subject: Welcome to CnPack Forum!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please tell us.
Author: Kirill    Time: 2005-9-21 14:11

I want to write small notice. Please, write messages in english. Beacase, I can't read any your symbols.
Thank you.
Author: zjy    Time: 2005-9-21 15:10

Sorry! Because, most members of CnPack are Chinese, and many of us wrote English few chance (include me), so we mainly use Chinese in developing, chatting and etc.

This year, we translated CVSTracNT, CnWizards, web site and forum to English. And we are very lucky that many friends like them also

This English forum was modified from a Chinese Open Source forum. Both English and Chinese are supported now, and can switch language dynamic. We hide all Chinese boards in English, but some place maybe lost.

And, what is the meaning of the "message" in your "write messages in english"?
Author: Kirill    Time: 2005-9-21 15:51

I understand you. I know English very bad, but Chinese I don't know ;)
I annonce CnPack in russian channel, and many peoples like this expert )
Author: zjy    Time: 2005-9-21 16:25

Thanks for your help! We have few time to spread these tools.
We hope more and more peoples know and like them And we'll do our best to improve them.

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