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Subject: (English) [Fun] Have a rest:) [Print This Page]

Author: zjy    Time: 2010-4-11 01:39     Subject: (English) [Fun] Have a rest:)

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Author: roubyehya    Time: 2010-12-9 14:17     Subject: I am coming with you

At midnight, a father with his thumb camera suddenly captured his married son leaving home,
He asked him:”What are you doing?”
The son replied:” Dad, I am fed up with my life! My newly marriage is not going well, my wife and my mother keep fighting with each other. I have to pay bills for in-laws, and I hate this life! I want to take on my camera with usb far away from here, I want to taste every joy of life, and I want to have the fun of my life!
Father said:”Wait!!!!!!I would like to bring my camera in a pen to come with you."

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