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Subject: CnPack Working Report in the Second Half of 2009 [Print This Page]

Author: Passion    Time: 2010-2-17 11:52     Subject: CnPack Working Report in the Second Half of 2009

CnPack Working Report in the Second Half of 2009

    Below are the achievements of CnPack in the Second Half of 2009:

1. CnPack Becomes Embarcadero Technology Partner (ETP).

2. CnPack IDE Wizards 0.9.2、0.9.3、0.9.4、0.9.5 published. And 0.9.4 supports Delphi 2010.

3. Russian and German UI of CnPack IDE Wizards is under testing in Nightly Build version. Thanks the help of Yuri Petrov and Ralf Schroedter.

   Our nightly build version:

4. CnPack Foundation accepts Donation at and (Chinese). For English, please visit SourceForge: ... php?group_id=110999   

    Below is the plan of CnPack for 2010:

1. Publish CnWizards 0.9.6 to add Russian and German UI support. And prepare the support to Delphi 2011 in future.

2. Continue to fix the bugs and do the function improvements for CnWizards. We hope users number can increase considerably in the next year.

3. Continue documentation.

4. Continue to build the CnPack Team.

To our members: Be more initiative and active for communication and taking part in our work.

    CnPack Website:
    CnPack BBS:
    CnPack Email:

    CnPack Mailing List:
    CnPack QQ Group:     CnPack I: 359682;  CnPack II: 16797125
                         CnPack III: 32712412; CnPack IV: 130970
                         CnPack V: 16067960; CnPack VI: 45094292
                         CnPack VII: 47744868

    (Note: Mailing list and QQ group are only used by CnPack Members and Users.)

    Let's do it well!

                              CnPack Administrators: Liu Xiao, Zhou JingYu

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