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Subject: guidness plugin [Print This Page]

Author: bootshow    Time: 2009-8-29 20:03     Subject: guidness plugin

i write guidness  plugin in cnpack.but it is not good.
please help to improve it.
i could't make new plugin, so i change CnPrefixWizard unit.
in CnPrefixWizard unit, find "//saman", where to changed with me.
sorry for bad english.
i changed

Attachment: [CnPrefixWizard(source)] CnPrefixWizard.pas (2009-8-29 20:03, 51.69 K) / Download count 436

Attachment: [CnWizards.dll] CnWizards_D7.rar (2009-8-29 20:03, 902.95 K) / Download count 396

Image Attachment: [screen shot] guidness_d7.jpg (2009-8-29 20:03, 58.46 K) / Download count 407

Author: Passion    Time: 2009-8-30 00:02

Oh, nice work!

We'll check the code and try to reflact it in Form Design Wizard.

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