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Subject: View Unit (Ctrl-F12) [Print This Page]

Author: djBo    Time: 2009-8-4 19:41     Subject: View Unit (Ctrl-F12)


Using CnPack IDE Wizards Build 2009.08.01 in Delphi 5 Update 1.

When using Ctrl-F12 or using the button on the toolbar, my Delphi quits...
Disabling the CnWizards package seems to fix things.

The Settings I have enabled:
Code Editor Wizard
IDE Enhancements Settings
Source Highlight Enhancements
Editor Enhancements

I just disabled all the wizards but the ones I used which seems to fix the problem.


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Author: Passion    Time: 2009-8-10 10:31

Thanks for your report. It's a bug. Now we fixed it in latest nightly build version (538 or later).
Could you download to verify it?

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