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Subject: [Suggestion] and/or question - Component/Object Selection [Print This Page]

Author: bongofury    Time: 2008-12-12 02:36     Subject: [Suggestion] and/or question - Component/Object Selection

Unless I missed it, I did not see anywhere in the Component Selection tool a way to select all components with events.
When trying to maintain someone elses software or trying to understand and/or document an application one of the tasks could be shortened by having a utility that would list all of the components or objects that have events assigned to them.  And the reverse would be helpful also, which components are using "this" event?  Even if it was just a text report that would still be helpful.

btw: Thanks for the great work everyone is doing with these tools!!!!!
Author: zjy    Time: 2009-7-28 22:28     Subject: Thank you for your suggestion!

Sorry for reply too late.
We have added "Event Filter" to Component Selector, you may get it in 533 or late version.

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