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Subject: A component named ecSwapCppHdrFiles already exists [Print This Page]

Author: leobruno    Time: 2020-7-11 21:07     Subject: A component named ecSwapCppHdrFiles already exists

Rigth clicking on the code window (to go to a bookmark for instance) I get this error if there is a bookmark previously created.
If there is no bookmark avaiable, the popup menu shows normally, but after creating the first one, is impossible either to create another or to go to the already created one, because the popup menu becomes unavaiable due to the error.
We are usng the latest stable version of cnWizards (Ver: Build 2020.03.12) and has experiencing this issue since delphi 10.3.x installation.

Is there a workaround?
This is very annoying and the bookmark feature is very usefull.
Author: Passion    Time: 2020-7-12 21:05

Some users also report this problem. But I still always can NOT reproduce it. So don't know where the component named "ecSwapCppHdrFiles" comes from.

Do you see the exception call stack? If see, please paste it here? Maybe it can bring some clues.
Author: leobruno    Time: 2020-7-18 06:48

I'd like very much to help.
But don?t know what to do.
Maybe if you give me a hint!?
Author: Passion    Time: 2020-7-20 17:29

Do you get the snapshot of the error window? If yes, there may be a "Detail" button to expand the call stack.

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