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Subject: Hang when launching Delphi [Print This Page]

Author: kwsanders    Time: 2017-6-1 22:30     Subject: Hang when launching Delphi

With the last couple of releases, has anyone else noticed a delay in launching Delphi when it gets to the point of loading CnPack?

I am using Delphi 2007 Enterprise with the December 2007 update.
Author: kwsanders    Time: 2017-6-8 10:37

Maybe this is fixed with the "Starting-up time out bug" that was recently fixed in

Author: Passion    Time: 2017-6-9 12:39

900 fixed a CnDebugViewer starting-up problem, not CnPack IDE Wizard.

But before, there's a searching units action during IDE starting-up, now I move it to "use units" opened and increased the IDE starting-up speed.
Author: kwsanders    Time: 2017-6-23 11:06     Subject: Reply #3 Passion's post

I just downloaded and installed the 904 unstable version. It definitely loads, much faster. Excellent!
Author: Allison    Time: 2017-9-15 21:28

I have downloaded it as well works fine for me but also a lot better and more productive result than last version.

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