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Subject: "Interface not supported" in [Print This Page]

Author: Ludens    Time: 2017-3-10 23:58     Subject: "Interface not supported" in

I think in the current stable version ( there is a bug in Code Input Helper.
After entering any two of the characters suddenly pops up a dialog box with the message "Interface not supported".
In the previous stable version ( this bug did not occur.
(I am using Delphi XE.)
Author: Passion    Time: 2017-3-13 16:49

Oh, severe problem, could you download our Debug version of CnWizards to help us to investigate this problem? ...

After installed it, please re-produce this problem and save the output in CnDebugViewer to xml file and send to us?

If cndebugviewer not started, please run it manually and re-produce this problem.
Author: Ludens    Time: 2017-3-13 18:06

Author: Passion    Time: 2017-3-13 23:07

Get it. From the trace I get some information about the calling stack, but no obvious clue to locate the root cause of this exception.

Is there a 'Detail' button in the Error Dialog of "Interface not Supported"? If yes, just press it and copy all the stack trace to again? thanks.
Author: Ludens    Time: 2017-3-13 23:26

Unfortunately, there is no such button.
Is there any other way to find out the cause of the bug?
I would be very happy to help.
Author: Passion    Time: 2017-3-14 09:56

Oh, seems not IDE exception dialog but a windows system dialog. Could you provide a snapshot about it? also email to me, thanks.
Author: Ludens    Time: 2017-3-14 16:10

See your Inbox
Author: Ludens    Time: 2017-3-14 21:19

There is the same issue with the
Author: Ludens    Time: 2017-3-15 02:11

Just checked previous builds.
The issue first occurred in build 875 and is observed in all subsequent builds.
Author: Passion    Time: 2017-3-15 16:38

Oh, I'll check the difference between 875 and before.
Author: Passion    Time: 2017-3-15 19:01

875 use Delphi's CodeTemplateAPI to obtain Tempalte elements from Editor in Input Helper. Now I do some protection in 888 nightly-build version but not so sure.

Could you download the latest one to test it?
Author: Ludens    Time: 2017-3-15 20:30

I don't know what the CodeTemplateAPI is, but 888 works fine with my XE!
Thank you very much for your excellent work!
Author: Passion    Time: 2017-3-16 12:38

OK, Just Fixed.

Thanks for your help!

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