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Subject: howto: Enable Alt + Space for code input helper [Print This Page]

Author: caleb007    Time: 2008-8-8 17:51     Subject: howto: Enable Alt + Space for code input helper

First things first:
- CnWizards is very very good, thanks!
- Apologies if this has come up before, but I can't seem to figure out how to search the forum (I can't read the language in which the results are returned)
For some reason, I can't set certain keyboard shortcuts, e.g. Alt + Space for the Code Input Helper Popup doesn't stick, but Shift + F7 is fine. ?However, you can set the value manually in the registry.
CnInputHelperPopup = 8020 (Hex)
You will need to restart Delphi after this, and then Alt + Space will bring up the input helper, as long as Alt + Space has also been disabled under the Editor Enhancements.
I assume the problem is simply the edit component used in the options for the Code Input Helper, or the way the instruction is parsed/saved. ?If I find some time, I will look at, but until then the settings can be enabled in the registry as above.

Author: Passion    Time: 2008-8-9 11:45

Thanks for your suggestion. In fact, Alt+Space can't be entered in Delphi's Hotkey component in form defaultly. It need some adjustment.

In our Editor Enhancement settings dialog, the hotkey control, which is adjusted, can let us enter Alt+Space. We'll try to do the same in code input helper setting dialog.
Author: Passion    Time: 2008-8-9 22:19

We published a new nightly build version CnWizards_0.8.8.431 in our website, which allows ALT+SPACE in code input helper settings dialog. Could you download and verify it?
Author: freeman    Time: 2008-8-10 00:15

I test in
Delphi 2007 on XP pro
Key Mappings -> IDE Classics
IDE color -> Twilight

I can set ALT+SPACE from menu, after than test in IDE, cnwizard's imput helper doesnt work. IDE's code completion work when I press ALT+SPACE

Best regards
Author: Passion    Time: 2008-8-10 10:22

It need disable another fucntion in our Source Editor Enhancement settings. Defaultly, Source Editor Enhancement add a hotkey Alt+Space for code completion.
Author: freeman    Time: 2008-8-10 17:22

Yes, Now its working, Its super
Best regards

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