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Subject: suggestion: click to jump from try to except/finally [Print This Page]

Author: klemm    Time: 2016-11-26 07:40     Subject: suggestion: click to jump from try to except/finally


In code editor, a lot of times i need to trace from try to corresponding except or finally or backwards from except/finally to it's matching try. Same thing with begin.. end i guess.

Now instead of trying to trace that thin line back (some times there are many levels of nesting!), it would be great if we could just click on the word (try, except, finally, begin, end) and jump the code editor view to the matching other end.

This would save me lots of time. I hope you like the idea and implement it.

PS! The update checking via ide is broken.
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-11-28 17:05

There's already a feature "Jump to matched Keyword" in our "Coding Toolset" menu, default Hotkey is Ctrl+,

Please try it when cursor is under keyword?
Author: klemm    Time: 2016-12-5 05:26

It works! Nice!

But still mouse button click option would be great too. Maybe combined - ctrl+mbleft/right.
There is a good reason for this - it avoids having to switch my right hand from mouse to keyboard and then back again. Usually when i need to jump to a matched keyword is when analyzing code and trying to follow how program will work. And that involves a lot of mouse-wheel action and clicks on "follow declaration".

Either way, i'm already happy
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-12-5 09:44

The ctrl+mouse click events are not opened to OTA APIs, and they are processed by Editor to deal with "jump to declaration." It does not give the result whether it's ok or N/A, so it's hard to do this.

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