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Subject: CN-Wizard not loading [Print This Page]

Author: marius4000    Time: 2016-7-6 15:03     Subject: CN-Wizard not loading

I have 30 computers in a school class room.  They are connected to a server, and each student loads his profile from the server.  
Delphi 7 is loaded on each students machine.  I also loaded CN-Wizard on each machine.  The profiles of each student does not have admin rights.  

The problem is:  When the students load Delphi, CN-Wizard does not load.  How can I fix this
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-7-8 13:26

CnWizards is loaded by Delphi according to this Registry key:


There's a Key "CnWizards_D7" with the string value "C:\Program Files\CnPack\CnWizards\CnWizards_D7.DLL", which is created when installing CnWizards.

Could you check whether this key exists in students computer?

If no, CnWizards can not be loading. Maybe you can try to add it into registry manually?

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