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Subject: Problem on "Form Designer Enhancements Settings" [Print This Page]

Author: freeman    Time: 2016-5-21 21:04     Subject: Problem on "Form Designer Enhancements Settings"

Why remove file after import ?
why after set all settings property here and work well, but after closeIDE and and no bar showing? all property removed ?? This settings form need cancel button I think. I have no choise for close without saving changed.
why this toolbars not showing on TDataModule? Your Alignment actions not work with none visual components, so I added delphi's standsrts, but toolbar not showing on TDataModule.
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-5-23 18:46

The "remove" action after import is a User File Check. It means if imported content is the same with the origin setting in CnPack IDE Wizard, the imported destination user file will be delete.  NOT the origin file imported.
Author: freeman    Time: 2016-5-24 17:28

Sorry for my english. do You mean, if imported file is same with, CnWazard, then remove imported file?
But Why have to remove? export action is just for backup, if removed it after import that file, my backup been delete. But if you mean, if same name import file and CnWizard's file names can understand.
Last ? used: In seattle, CnWizard 832. I import prefix, and designer Enhancements (Toolbars)  and chek folder under CnWizard main folder. "Data" is folder name This path setted in "Customize User Data Folder"
Re install CnWizard 832 for seattle. default path changed to "C:\IDE\Tools\CnWizard" after installation, start IDE, everythings is working and well. then close delphi IDE. Looking in "Data" folder, while closeing IDE this files is deleting from folder, so all setting (I mean prefix and toolbars settings) lost. And re run IDE this files not creating.
I backuped that folder, and re store back, that removed files copied. ReRun Delphi IDE, then directly close IDE, that files deleted againg. I thing this is bug.
Removed files:
08.05.2014  15:31               166 AutoIndent.dat
08.05.2014  15:31               538 CorRules.ini
08.05.2014  15:31             1.416 DesignToolBar.ini
08.07.2015  12:38               990 EditorToolBar.ini
08.05.2014  15:31               139 FloatPropBar.dat
08.05.2014  15:31               990 FormToolBar0.ini
08.05.2014  15:31               469 FormToolBar1.ini
08.05.2014  15:31             2.943 Prefix.ini
08.05.2014  15:31                18 ReadOnlyDirs.dat
08.05.2014  15:31                 0 UsesClean.dat
08.05.2014  15:31               348 UsesIgnore.dat

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Author: Passion    Time: 2016-5-24 18:19

Not remove the import file. Our checking is, for example, if you import a file named C:\xxx.ini, its content will be copied to User folder's ini file. If the content ini file is the same with CnWizards Data file. the ini in user folder will be removed, not C:\xxx.ini.

Your problem may be a bug, I'll check it to see whether can be re-produced.
Author: Passion    Time: 2016-6-4 20:48

A question, about "default path changed to "C:\IDE\Tools\CnWizard" after installation", could you tell me the detailed steps about it?
Author: freeman    Time: 2016-6-5 17:53

Long time ago I was change it. I'm not  change each installation, I mean when I saw your nightly build I upgrade CnWizard, not change any settings, after install.
Now I clean install win10 and berlin. And not change default settings path. I add toolbar and change some buttons on that. work normal. I'm waiting your bug fix then I'll change it settings path.
In berlin, you know form in designer form when change "form designer" sizes, CnWizard toolbars not move. But When click to form (in form designer) then set toolbars position.
Another thing, this toolbar some time bringto front, but form on behind. I mean source editor or other windows focused, cnWizard toolbars bringtofront, (form on behind source editor).
Author: freeman    Time: 2016-6-26 18:05

I Added screeshot maybe more helpful my pure english
For position of toolbar(s), lookingfor TForm, but form in FormDesigner class. Is problem can be?

Image Attachment: AfterMove_FormDesigner.jpg (2016-6-26 18:05, 35.67 K) / Download count 321

Author: freeman    Time: 2016-6-26 18:12

Open IDE, But not any project. Add just VCL form, and actived it. In Toolbar view (Toolbar_2) but settings is Toolbar_1. You can see some buttons is not there. This is Normal, Yes. Because, IDE set visible prroperty. for example. If there is no project, just for is opened, IDE hide "Compile" button so CnWizard toolbar not show it in toolbar. But, Open any project, IDE set menu Items, but CnWizard not handle this, and still buttons not there. Have to open settings, and click ok button then buttons come back.

Image Attachment: Toolbar_1.jpg (2016-6-26 18:12, 32.52 K) / Download count 333

Image Attachment: Toolbar_2.jpg (2016-6-26 18:12, 9.71 K) / Download count 288

Author: Passion    Time: 2016-6-30 09:20

So weird. I'll check it.

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