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Subject: [REQ] () and [] completion and inline var declaration [Print This Page]

Author: arthurprs    Time: 2007-9-27 11:13     Subject: [REQ] () and [] completion and inline var declaration

the requested feature is very simple but very usefull too,

when you type ( the editor auto places a ) after and a ; if nothing after the (
for the [] the same but with not ;

another great feature will be the inline var declaration,

inside of you code when you type
"var varname : vartype" and then Enter is pressed the variable declaration is placed on correct place and this code replaced by the varname

it will be a great features

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Author: Passion    Time: 2007-9-27 13:16

for second feature, we provide a shortcut to jump to var field to enter a new var, and press ESC to back.
Author: arthurprs    Time: 2007-10-6 11:57

Whats the shortcut?

and what about the first?

edit: '' completion too

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