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Subject: [REQ] Structure highlight [Print This Page]

Author: arthurprs    Time: 2007-7-29 03:16     Subject: [REQ] Structure highlight

Structure highlight


  _ Begin

Vry nice tool guys
i use it since 2005

waiting for reply

*sorry my english, im from brazil
Author: Passion    Time: 2007-7-29 12:09

Now our nightly-build of CnWizards has a structured highlight feature, but only keyword color, no lines.

You can download our latest nightly-build version to check it.
Author: arthurprs    Time: 2007-8-10 02:50

downloaded, instaled, does not finded it ;/, and finaly saw in the changelog that is only for D6 and D7

Author: Passion    Time: 2007-8-15 12:35

BDS Editor's internal mechanism are different with Delphi's. It's not easy to implement code structure highlight in BDS editor. So we only support to Delphi/C++Builder low versions.
Author: andyvdeu    Time: 2008-1-3 22:36

why no lines    ??

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