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Subject: avoid automatic upper case [Print This Page]

Author: mib    Time: 2012-5-15 23:52     Subject: avoid automatic upper case

hi,<br />
<br />
i try to find a thread which threated that issue, but i didn't find it, so, i theres one, please add the existing thread.<br />
i like cnpack very much, its a great tool ... but how can i avoid that cnpack automaticly convert for example boolean into Boolean, or self into Self?<br />
i try to find it out ... without success.<br />
<br />
i'm using delphi 20067 with cnpack : Build 2011.10.01<br />
<br />
thanks a lot :-)<br />
<br />
rergards<br />
Author: Passion    Time: 2012-5-16 09:54

Do you means Input Helper? When you type "se", "Self" will show in the popup list, and when enter pressed, "Self" entered.

If it's your problem, it's hard to correct. Because "Self" or "Boolean" is IDE internal symbols, not defined by CnPack.

We load the symbols from IDE. It's not good to manually convert these 2 symbols to lower-case and keep others unchaged.

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