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Subject: Do not fool yourself [Print This Page]

Author: forum1    Time: 2012-2-26 04:17     Subject: Do not fool yourself

Do not fool yourself, even and official partner of "Embecaderco", "CNPAck" is like a toy compared to "Resharper".
Install your "
Microsoft VS2010" + "Resharper" and see the future of "CNPAck".

I've used 3 years "
CNPACK", with "VS C#.Net" + "Resharper" one month and know the difference. Huge difference.

CNPACK" is the best for Delphi, but the functionality aresmall compared to "Resharper" for "Microsoft VS.NET".

Please make new future "
Delphi Resharper".

1. Difference: If I select some a variable in code, all variable with the same name must be selected on focus in code editor page.

Like this example:

public MyVar:String; // here I select my variable with twice a click on "MyVar"



some code ...

MyVar:= "";

some code ....

MyVar:= '';

some code ....


Only selected variable get new color.

Hundreds of smaller features missing in "CNPACK".

Work a month or two with "Resharper", and then again try your "CNPACK". You will feel that you have transferred from Mercedes to Trabant.

Try and tell me if I'm right. If I am not, I will apologize. Because my words may sound a little rough. But this is the true!!!

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Author: Passion    Time: 2012-2-26 09:10

The function you mentioned is like the one in our Source Highlight Enhancement, which is defaultly disabled for possible performance effect.

You can enable it in 'CnPack' menu, IDE enhancements settings, Source Highlight settings dialog, check "Enable Background Highlight Current Identifier at Cursor".

In fact, we're stepping continuously. maybe not considerable and can't meet all requirements. Butwe're still stepping. for example. In 629 nightly build, we can move cursor quickly between "the same identifiers".
Author: forum1    Time: 2012-2-26 17:55     Subject: Reply #2 Passion's post

YES ;) YES ;) YES   

Š•xactly what I wanted

Thank you very much. With my CPU Dual Core 2GHz, I do not have problem with performance.
Why you disable this SUPER good future?

May be you have many futures that you disable. Please, make setup with options for fast CPU to automatically enable options like this.

Please, make new setup with options to enable automatically on install for fast CPU.

Many developers have i3, i7 Intel CPU.
Author: cnpackfan    Time: 2012-2-27 07:54     Subject: Reply #3 forum1's post

Hello forum1,

you really can't blame the great CnPack-team in that way, that's unacceptable. They all are doing a great job. What would the community do without a tool collection like CnPack? And what are your contributions to the entire project? You even didn't READ the MANUAL/HELP. I'm honest, I sometimes overlook features AFTER reading the manual/help, but then I ask politely whether it's possible to add that feature. And when then someone mentions "....RTFM..." - yep, then I write "...Mea Culpa... ...Sorry, I have been in hurry...".

@CnPack-team: Many thanks for that great tool collection and all your efforts.

Not amused, kind greetings anyway
Author: forum1    Time: 2012-3-4 20:28     Subject: "TCP/IP Source Control Server" like TFS

After year or two, where we are ready with some BETA version. Like a CNPack, we will give new program based on TCP/IP and streaming client-server source control, tracker, version history and source portal for Delphi XE2 or Delphi future versions.
This is not SVN similar software. This will be Delphi add-on, service that work on private or global network, like TFS.

We are ready with main functionality. For example: After starting socket server(simple application) , may send and receive project files on your Delphi.
Server work entirely on TCP, not need for file share, not need to install Apache, IIS, SVN ...

We are ready with  main functionality of client. Client is with two modules. First is TCP/IP client, second is Add-on for Delphi IDE.

If I have a free time or you are good ;) I will make simple video and share with you.

... and "YES" will have very big WEB Portal like "codeplex" ;)

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