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Subject: CnDebugger access violation [Print This Page]

Author: kinezos    Time: 2011-8-27 00:31     Subject: CnDebugger access violation

when NDEBUG is defined CnDebugger.TraceEnter generates an access violation
at line
Index := FThrdIDList.IndexOf(Pointer(ThrdID));

please help
Author: Passion    Time: 2011-8-28 19:48

Thanks. I'll check it.
Author: Passion    Time: 2011-8-28 20:43

It's because CnDebugger is nil when NDEBUG is defined.

Our code has some unuseful access to CnDebugger's filelds when NDEBUG is defined. We'll correct it at next version.
Author: kinezos    Time: 2011-8-31 00:36

ok Passion
now comment out TraceEnter

usefull extensions
dynamic run-time control of trace output
do not link CnDebug in the exe when NDEBUG is defined


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