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Subject: IFDEFs in DPK are removed on Compile/Build
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IFDEFs in DPK are removed on Compile/Build

I am using CnWizards with Delphi 7.1 Enterprise
I am trying to compile and install NexusDB. I open NexusDB207dv70.dpk, which looks like this:

package NexusDB207dv70;


{$R *.res}
{$R 'nxdvRegister.dcr'}



In the same moment when I press Ctrl+F9, conditional compiler directives disappear from the source code in editor - and
as a consequence, I receive compilation errors (missing units).
If I disable CnWizards with Delphi Distiller 1.85 - the above issue does not raise.

What additional information is needed in order to debug and resolve the issue ?

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