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Subject: Surround with begin..end
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Surround with begin..end

Hello, surround with begin..end (Alt + Shift + B) is great feature to use, but I found that it is not working right for me in case
there are some of operators like for.., if.., etc before the line I'm trying to surround with begin..end

For example, I have code like

if Condition then

I need to add additional line

if Condition then

But when I select Something and hit Alt + Shift + B, I get

if Condition then

Is there any way to make this tool to distinguish operators like if.., for.., with.. etc and do not shift begin..end construction to the right for them?

For now I've put -1 relative indent in the options since I use this feature with if.. code, but this way it doesn't work with plain code
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Yes. Reasonable. if begin..end (or {} in C++), it should be auto align with previous line.

We'll add this enhancement in next nightly build version.

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