2010-12-22 04:39 pabras

First thanks for the toolpack.

second I have a request. I'm missing some log/trace procedures I like to have in de debugger.
Like LogRecord to log a datarecord.
LogString, to be consistend
LogComplex for complex data
LogResult (Variant) to log de result value of a function (for copy past together with leave)
I have added them to my source. but have to do that with every update again. Can I post them here to be added to the main stream?

2010-12-22 18:49 Passion
OK. Thanks for your code. Please paste here and we can check and add them to our source. :handshake

2011-1-14 16:36 pabras
Here is the version with the extensions. hope you can use this.

2011-1-16 14:14 Passion
Got it. We'll check it. Thanks.:handshake

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