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2010-12-10 22:16 mrmagmrmag
Procedure list wizard - change default search scope?

Hi everybody,

I am desperately trying to figure out how to set the default search scope of the 'procedure list wizard' (or make it remember my last setting at least). It defaults always back to 'current unit' but I want it to ALWAYS search the 'All in project' instead.

Can someone please tell my where the setting to change the default is hidden (or which ini/registry setting I have to change manually to make 'All in project' the default search score.


2010-12-11 07:49 Passion
Oh. this setting is not specified now.
For speed issue, we always only parse current unit to show the elements. If "all in project", maybe too slow to show up.:L

2010-12-12 18:38 mrmagmrmag
Well, maybe it's because I have a powerful rig -- or maybe my projects are just too small (actually, they are not), but for me also the 'All in project' option is fast (at least I cannot notice any lag to be worth mentioning). I mainly the function to jump between different files (I know I have a function named 'GetXxx' somewhere and I just open the wizard, typing xxx and getting there -- after having to select 'All in project' every time that is).

May I suggest you consider adding this as a preference (maybe just remembering the last setting or by a right click on the dropdown and selecting 'Set as default') for one of the next versions?

I really like the Addon (much like I love Visual Assist-X for VS2008), but the lack of Intellisense/Code insight improvement for C++ and the fact that I always have to change from 'this unit' to 'All in project' every time I use the procedure list wizard are some downpoints. Don't get me wrong -- it's still a great piece of software and I won't want to miss it, but some things are just a little annoying.

On a side note: I only use C++ Builder and Embarcadero Code Insight is NOT working for projects the size I am dealing with AT ALL -- I guess there is no plan to improve that within the scope of your project?


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