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2005-11-18 02:23 bw10
Problem using Uses Cleaner...

See image...

2005-12-2 05:49 bw10
So, is ANYONE going to comment on this one?

2005-12-2 08:59 zjy

Uses Cleaner uses DCU32 by Alexei Hmelnov ([url][/url]
The error you got indicates that DCU32 could not parse AISetupFuel.dcu file.

Would you send us a bug report by clicking "Bug Reports and Suggestion" from CnWizards's about dialog and attach the dcu file? So we can check it.

Thank you!

2005-12-3 00:22 bw10

2005-12-21 08:26 zjy
I've tested the DCU file in delphi 7.1 and found it was correct, so maybe the error was caused by other code. If you have some time, please download a debug version and help us to find the problem.

See: [url][/url]

2010-11-21 06:01 Ramhack
The same problem on Delphi XE. 2010 works fine. :(

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