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2010-5-17 05:09 NunoA
Last Compile Time

Hi Guys!
I know D2010 has a new string in version info that stores the "LastCompileTime".
But right now I'm using D2007 and I was wondering if someone has made any script for cnPack that does something similar.~
I just want to know inside my app what was the compile date and time.


Forget it...
I'm just dumb.. :lol
This is a cnPack feature... duhhhhh

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2010-5-17 09:06 zjy
Also, there is a script to do similar thing:
The script is in #16

2010-5-17 22:36 NunoA
Compiled Date Time

It was exactly that I was looking for.
It serves other purposes besides this.
Thank you very much.

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