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2009-11-20 18:31 freeman
Prefix wizard

I did not understand, I'm using CnWizards_0.9.4.553 on Delphi 2007
Problem is, I  set a prefix to ABC its work, when I put that component dialog form popup and I write name.But, I can NOT change it from Onject inspector or prefix form, I delete setted prefix 'ABC' and write diffrent name, but after enter Prefix adding front
Prefix is 'ABC'
I write on dialog box 'ABC_BlaBLa'
here is okey
But when I try change 'Just_BlaBLa' its changeing to 'ABC_Just_BlaBLa'
I looked and changed setting, but nothings changeing

[b]Show Dialog when Add New Component or Rename  [/b]if Check this and open form, just I can change from here

best regards

2009-12-23 23:17 MaximKorobov
You can disable Prefix Wizard depends on component class name.

Choose CnPack -> Prefix Wizard menu, press "Settings" button. In "Component Prefix Settings" list you can view and change prefixes for components depends on it's class name. If you don't want to use Prefix Wizard, for examples, for buttons (Class Name is TButton), then just uncheck such class in list, then press ok.

Manual renaming of component, which class name is known for Prefix Wizard, is impossible as I know.

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