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2009-11-19 13:07 dandcnpacktoo
Source Highlight Settings

Hello. Is it possible on highlihting Current Identifier expand left, right and bottom borders on 1 pixel for better visualisation?
[img]http://[/img] With best regards.

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2009-11-19 14:48 zjy
Thank you for your suggestion!

You'll get it in build 553. But we can't expand bottom border, because the wizard draw Current Identifier in PaintLine function and it will be out of Line Area if expand bottom border.

2009-11-19 17:40 dandcnpacktoo
Thank you.

2009-11-19 23:14 Passion
Our latest nightly buid 553  can be downloaded from [url][/url]

2009-11-20 14:18 dandcnpacktoo
Hellio. Thank you.
What about shifting TOP border by 1 px down?

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